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Wild salmon caught from the Pacific ... Should we be eating it?

I have various tins of this type of salmon in my cupboard, and wonder if I should be eating it? ....... there is very little mention of the Fukushima fallout and the way it has affected the Ocean. I did read recently, that high levels of radiation found in seaweed (this was based on a study done by either American or Canadian University). As I am quite worried, should we be eating this type of food?

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The study you mention is being done by Simon Fraser University here in Burnaby B.C. , Canada.

I have stopped eating fresh wild BC salmon, until there is more data on radiation, particularly Cesium-137

Study results...


Studies are continuing...



There has been data published about bluefin tuna.


It is not just the fish that is perhaps contaminated..

It is also the rice that might go with the fish…

‘Greenpeace this week released a report on soil and rice crops sampled in villages close to a concentration of heavy metals smelters in China's Hunan Province, "an area that ranks first in rice output and among the top five in nonferrous metals production." The results showed that both rice and soil near the industrial complex are contaminated by heavy metals, including lead. "12 out of all 13 rice samples contained excessive levels of cadmium.’

More at these links :-



Very worrying ....


Green Tea from China too... laced with pesticides

What is in those herbs?? Chinese test.

Not in my herb brand? International test.

What is in those supplements?

Brave new world...


Been to China with my husband and I'm not surprised that they use pesticides. As we were travelling, we noticed much pollution and I'm not surprised that there are these problems. Corruption seems rife in China so it also goes down to the food chain, no doubt. I had not thought much about the food that we eat and where it comes from, .. But the above posts put it all into perspective.


Its because of this that I've taken the decision to eat organic food whrrever possible doubtless this will also have its shate of quality control problems, but hopefully in general it will avoid the worst problems. It also has the side benefit of tasting great! In my area, Essex UK, Ihave found Waitrose has the best selection.


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