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Patient Advocacy 101 Free Course for CLL Patients

Patient Advocacy 101 Free Course for CLL Patients

Patient Empowerment Network is a non-profit patient advocacy organization dedicated to educate and empower patients across the US and beyond so they can be more in control of their journey, get access to accurate up-to-date information, ask questions, have confidence and cope with their condition. We also believe an educated patient can not only be a strong self-advocate, but also can be an advocate for quality healthcare and access to it in their community.

Patient Empowerment Network and IntakeMe have partnered to produce a free, virtual, interactive patient advocacy course for CLL patients. This course is designed to help CLL patients, their families and caregivers learn more about CLL and how to best advocate for themselves to get the best care possible.

By taking this course, you will receive:

•An overview of CLL

•Facts about CLL

•Curated links and resources


•Knowledge Quizzes

•Printable checklists with questions to ask your doctor

•Why you should immediately get a second, expert opinion

•Tips on building your healthcare team, and how your local doctor can work with a CLL expert to provide the best treatment

•Where to find the latest CLL research, clinical trials and other treatment options.

Plus, we’ve opened up the comments so you can ask questions from other CLL 101 students who are taking the course.

Please go to this link to learn more about the course and to enroll. It’s easy, and it’s free:

We would also LOVE to have your feedback. We are planning more courses of this nature for other disease conditions and we really would welcome any comments or suggestions that you have.

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Thanks Joan,

Members can be reassured to know that the CLLSA Chair has reviewed the courses and this post has accordingly been approved. The courses should be of great benefit to many in our community.

Would those interested enough to enrol please let other community members know what they think of the course material and how helpful it was to them.  Joan has welcomed feedback, so please don't hesitate to either provide it via replies to this post or if you'd prefer, in a private message to Joan.



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Thank you so very much, Neil. Yes, our mission is to help patients with education and support, so all feedback is welcome and appreciated!


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