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UK Zoom meeting - COVID-19 and shielding update for UK CLL Patients


ZOOM invite details below

May 7, 2020, 10:00 AM - Webinar - COVID-19 and shielding update for CLL

Leukaemia Care are hosting this webinar in collaboration with CLL Support.

We will be joined by Dr Piers Patten, of Kings College London, and Marc Auckland, Chair of Trustees at CLL Support and a CLL patient plus a member of this HU community.

This is the link to register for this meeting:

This webinar provides another opportunity for CLL patients to ask questions. We will share resources that are available to support you as shielding continues and we will also discuss updates on shielding, treatment and the long term future view where it is possible to know this. More details on the registration page.

If you don't have Zoom you will need to download the utility from here, just follow the instructions:

See you there


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Thank you Jackie,

Better check my diary to see if I am free....

Yep just checked and I am free.

I will be the one not speaking and looking worried as only tried zoom once !


Colette x

Jm954Administrator in reply to mrsjsmith

Hi Colette,

There will be about 1000 people at this Zoom so the only people you will see on the screen will be Marc, CLL Support Chair, Dr Patten and a facilitator from LC.

Questions can be raised and will be asked by the facilitator.


Psmithuk in reply to mrsjsmith

You don’t have to worry about your hair or the state of your house for this one!

mrsjsmith in reply to Psmithuk


Good ! I have done a couple of WhatsApp meetings with my stepdaughters and am now saving for the face lift ( joke )

But that reminded me of one of the funniest things I have seen recently and it was the comedian Jason Manford who was speaking online and had two sheets of paper stuck on the wall behind him with Books written on them. I love seeing people’s rooms and they are all sitting in front of large bookshelves. Except for Richard E Grant who sits in front of a beautiful kitchen dresser with antique china and candlesticks. I had serious envy.

Colette x

Psmithuk in reply to mrsjsmith

It’s great seeing their houses, isn’t it. Makes them a bit more ordinary! Ian Hislop had his cat walk in during hignfy yesterday.

Edit - sorry 'have I got news for you'.

Hmm bit thick as always. Will this be available to watch as the other one was on the Leukaemia Care care face book page? Will it be downloaded here? I don’t wish to register but would be very grateful to watch, I found the other one very interesting and informative.


Peggy 😀

Jm954Administrator in reply to Peggy4

Yes, I would think so Peggy.


Peggy4 in reply to Jm954

That would be great. Thanks Jackie.

Thanks Jackie! I apologise for my appearance in advance, my son tells me I have a face suitable for radio. Stay safe, sane and sanitised everyone 😉

mrsjsmith in reply to UK-Sparky


I think you look lovely, and tell your son he may well look like you in 30 years time !

I heard Piers Patten speak at the London meeting last autumn and thought he was an excellent speaker.


I am curious to hear what the experts think the NHS will do with respect to its 90 day shelter in place policy which I believe is set to expire in mid June? Since none of the experts seem to know how vulnerable the CLL patient population is in the age of Covid 19, I will look to the NHS shelter in place policy as a broad based barometer of the situation both in the U.K. and abroad. It seems only logical that the NHS will extend its policy for another 90 days but stranger things have happened.

Jm954Administrator in reply to HopeME

This meeting would be the perfect place to ask that question! Have you registered?


HopeME in reply to Jm954

I haven’t registered as I was viewing this meeting as for U.K. patients only but as I reread the post I see that isn’t the case. Therefore, I will join to see what I can learn.

Thank you,


Jm954Administrator in reply to HopeME

Good news, I'm told by the meeting organiser that your question will be included. Remember this Zoom is aimed at UK CLL patients so the information will be UKcentric.

take care


Jm954Administrator in reply to HopeME

I've passed on your question to the meeting organiser. I hope they ask it, we all want to know the answer to that one.

all the best


cajunjeff in reply to Jm954

Yes Jackie, that’s the elephant in the zoom for sure. :)

Psmithuk in reply to cajunjeff

🤣 why isn’t there a 'groan' button?

I would really like to know if they know any more about the specific risk to those with CLL and particulalrly if you are stage 0 with no other CLL symptoms. Do we still need to shield until a vaccine is found? The thought of that is depressing :-(

I have had a couple of messages asking for some guidance on access zoom on line webinars. The IT support kindly sent this, hope it helps


How do I join the webinar?

There are 2 main steps to joining: you will need to register your interest in advance, and then join the webinar on the day to listen.


a.Click the link advertised to be taken to the registration webpage.

b.Enter your details to be registered (note: these will not be used for any purpose other than communicating about the webinar)

c.You will receive a confirmation email, which will include a link to click on the day to join the webinar. It also has telephone numbers should you choose to listen in by phone.

NOTE: the registration link will not allow you to join the webinar on the day. You will need to use the link within your confirmation email to join.

2.Joining at the time of the webinar

a.Go back to your confirmation email and click the link to join

b.Follow on screen instructions

c.One of two things will happen.

i.If you have joined BEFORE the host has started, you will be placed in a waiting room. Keep the window open and you will be admitted once the host has joined.

ii.If you have joined AFTER the host has started the webinar, you will be admitted to the webinar.

d.Once joined, you will be unable to speak, but you can use the chat box to ask questions. The host will provide further instructions verbally.

mrsjsmith in reply to UK-Sparky

Thank you so much Marc.

Now I have to claim to be a bigger Luddite than you. When I first saw keep the window open I initially thought you meant real windows for some fresh air !

Wishing everyone good luck tomorrow.

Colette x

UK-Sparky in reply to mrsjsmith


Marc, Jackie and Nick,

Thank you so much for such an interesting meeting ! And amazingly I didn’t have a problem joining.



Thank you all so much. What I saw was very useful, then something went wrong with our WiFi. I think it's called Fortnite overload. Will look up the recording. Thanks again.

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