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Health Check: is it bad to pop your pimples?

Health Check: is it bad to pop your pimples?

While not CLL specific, this article by Michelle Rodrigues, Consultant Dermatologist, St Vincent's Hospital, Melbourne may be of interest to those of us still plagued by pimples:

Given our increased risk of infection, particularly if we are neutropenic, I'd take the advice not to pop pimples very seriously and given my recent hospital admittance from a skin infection, I also wouldn't feel all that silly about seeing a doctor to deal with an inflamed pimple.

One thing not covered in the article is whether there is any way to hasten a pimple's demise without squeezing? Does alternating a hot and cold wet flannel against the pimple help it on its way to clearing and reduce the time you have to put up with a painful area from a blind pimple?


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