Health Check: do cough medicines work?

Health Check: do cough medicines work?

Sadly, due to our compromised immune system with CLL, coughs and colds can last much longer, which can be very fatiguing and set us up for dangerous secondary infections. Given we are more likely to be looking for relief, this article by Janet Sluggett, Research Fellow: Centre for Medicine Use and Safety, Monash University, should prove helpful.


Photo: Yellow burr weed flower head glistening in the sunshine with droplets from the morning fog.

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  • Stunning pic! I click on all posts to not miss what Chris and you, and some of the other photographers here, are up to. Wouldn't want to miss any of the pics posted.

  • Totally agree pkenn.


  • I have morning fog... but it doesn't look that nice... great shot! 😄👏🏽👏🏽

  • My lovely old Grandad's lungs were a wreck after the war. He used to have a liquor glass of Tabasco with breakfast, every morning, to help himself. That gave him the pep up needed to make it to the book makers/races. My poor old Nan.

  • There is some controversy over the effectiveness of both cough medicines and other over the counter drugs. In the USA there has been legal action over similar pain killers which claim specialist powers to reduce and control different types of pain. Despite these claims the active ingredients are often similar and the prices for these alleged specialist pain control remedies are much higher.

    My advice would be to buy cheaper over the counter generic drugs that work for you. Avoid the more expensive brands and check the packets for the active ingredients and the quantity of these ingredients each medicine contains.

    A warm mixture of honey and lemon has been recommended to me by a medical practitioner for a cough. I would endorse that advice from personal experience.

    Stay well!

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