Health Check: is it safe to cut mould off food?

Health Check: is it safe to cut mould off food?

Our impaired immune systems leave us more susceptible to fungal infections, with these often difficult to treat in healthy individuals. This article from 'The Conversation' provides some useful guidance on how healthy people should deal with mould on food. We would be well advised to be at least this careful:


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  • Hi Sorry Neil but I was brought up by a Mum who never got over rationing ( it's something that overseas would not understand). She thought that people who wasted food were wicked and wicked people went to Hell ( we are Catholic) where they burnt in Hell's everlasting flames. I never throw out food and if I do I have to say a Hail Mary. Best eat it before it gets mouldy.

  • I know how you feel - I don't like throwing out food unnecessarily either...

  • If in doubt...THROW IT OUT!

    We are not healthy people by virtue of our diagnosis.

    It is often suggested that CLL patients follow a Neutropenic diet, especially those in treatment... it is as much about food handling and safe storage as about which foods are safe to eat. Anything with mould on it is not safe to eat.

  • I have adopted the motto ... " if there is any doubt - there's no doubt "

    It has become my policy over the last 8 years of having CLL and it covers everything ...

    ... from hygiene - is it clean ? ... being careful where to eat when out, what foods to choose, wiping cutlery, glasses, cans of coke etc with a pocket anti viral wipe ...

    .... trying to pace myself ( though not usually very successful ) when it comes to dealing with fatigue ...

    Whatever the situation ... if there is any doubt ... don't touch it - don't eat it - don't do it ... etc

    .... Oh No ... I've regressed .... Its just occurred to me, that I am having to obey they same rules that my mother used when I was a kid ... don't touch that ... don't eat that ... Stop that !!!

    ... there's something missing ... thinks ... ( don't touch that ... don't eat that ... Stop that .... thump ! )

    ....I'm glad that I didn't have to bring ME up ........

  • Neil your photography is astounding if its taken by you" Award winning". Im due for my second appointment since being diagnosed on 20th this month Since reading all participating in HeathUlocked I will be asking many questions I wouldn't have asked before regarding my blood counts I thank All the people who have given so much of there own relations in CLL for the insight given me.


  • I agree about the photo, Brad7. I thought it was fantastic too... I think Neil might well have taken it himself... he's taken other lovely photos of water birds.

    Wishing you all the best, Brad, for your second appointment... Let us know how you get on...


  • Brad7, you don't get much time during a specialist appointment to ask questions, so it is definitely worth prioritising what you really need to know. I always take a notebook containing my carefully pre-chosen questions. It's also a huge help to have someone with you to also listen and take notes. Also consider asking if you can record the session on your mobile phone, etc, for later reference. Otherwise so much is happening that you are sure to miss something.

    For the initial specialist appointments, I suggest you concentrate on finding out what prognostic tests have been done and the implications of the results and then asking what precautions you should take to maintain or even improve your health. It is rare that you have to rush into treatment with CLL (but consider if you are prepared to enter a trial if impending treatment is likely for you), so take the time to improve your health and fitness. That will improve your quality of life and put you in good stead should treatment be necessary.

    Thanks for your compliment on my photography. Pretty well all the photos accompanying my posts for the about last year have been my work. The heron was taken at a nearby wetland a week or so ago and I was thrilled to capture that shot; take enough photos with a good camera and sometimes a great result turns up.


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