Trying to find what happens

Sorry for my english...our wbc was 29100 15 months ago...we decided to follow an antioxidant died which includes the juice of red beets carrots apples pomegranate propolis honey broccoli and walnuts ginger lemons and curcumin..the wbc dropped. in 23900 and then we decided to add the juice of fresh olive leafs...the first 3 months went 32300 and the next five months went 49600...i m affraid that i creat there anybody with the same experience

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  • Hi zoita

    Might be diet but more likely progression of the CLL... try dropping the olive juice...see if it has an effect...

  • Unfortunately. i haven t use it for 5 months when i found wbc 32300...i m afraid that i caused a kind of immunostimulation that can t stop

  • Research is showing antioxidants may actually fuel,your cancer cells. Makes sense to me!

  • I have stopped ole when i saw them32300i m agraid i caused an immunostimulation that i can't control any more

  • Δεν νομίζω ότι έχετε διεγερθεί το ανοσοποιητικό σύστημα, πιο πιθανό εξέλιξη ΧΛΛ σας.

    Den nomízo óti échete diegertheí to anosopoiitikó sýstima, pio pithanó exélixi CHLL sas.

    τι ο γιατρός σας λέει ;

    ti o giatrós sas léei ?

  • Maybe it's. progression the only thing that make me curious is that have raised neutrophils count and have dropped the percentance of lymphocitosis from 86 in 83 and neutrophils absolout count went from2.58 4.96

  • The percentage in CLL are a problem...only track the absolute numbers, absolute lymphocyte count (ALC) and absolute neutrophil count (ANC).

  • It may be that the initial drop in the WBC would have happened anyway. The count can vary. I really don't think such healthy juices would have an adverse affect. Read Prof Jane Plant's book, The Plant Diet. She cured herself of breast cancer through what she eats. Good luck.

  • I met a woman in USA who swore she'd cured herself of stomach cancer by using juices. She had reduced the large tumour in her stomach using fresh spinach and green foods juices.

    Have you continued with your pre olive leaf juice diet? I wonder about the intensity of all these juices, they seem over the top to me. In a normal diet we would never have the amounts of fruits and veg contained in these juices.

    If diets and foods contained a 'cure' for cancer, surely by now it would have shown up in the stats?

  • There has been some research in this area and a few things appear to have some effect in early CLL in the lab... the only ones to move into clinical trials/studies were 'gossypol', from cotton seeds... , EGCG in a pharmaceutic grade and curcumin, modified for absorption... I think the Neem tree oil study was terminated...

    Table 1 in this overview lists some of the compounds...

    Most never leave the lab, and there is more money in other areas for companies to develop products...

    Case in point...Mitsui Norin provided the pharmaceutical grade EGCG called Polyphenon E, (and no resemblance to the stuff you by at the pharmacy) for the Mayo study, partially funded by CLL patients... by the way...

    After Phase1 and 2 trials in CLL the company withdrew, to pursuit EGCG ointment used to control HPV genital warts etc...

    So... while there is interest in these areas, it it a long way from the test tube to the bedside...

    I saw a study behind a paywall, just today, from Australia ....looking at curcumin in early CLL, so research continues... 🔬


  • Unfortunately the way is long and the only thing i can do is to wait...i ll informe you if i have news good or bad thank you for your support

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