Anyone heard of this ???

, I have become a great advocate of oil pulling using coconut oil.

I started two months ago and never have I felt my mouth to be fresher.

The concept is that the greatest majority of bacteria enter our system through our mouths.

When one does ‘oil pulling therapy’, one swishes a small scoop of coconut oil in one’s mouth for 20 minutes every morning.

This is done before eating breakfast or anything else as to prevent the bacteria that has been growing inside our mouths overnight ending up in our system.

The bacteria attaches itself to the oil and is discarded when one spits it all out.

As a result, it contributes to not only healthy gum and teeth but also to a better well being for less nasty bacteria in the system.

Oil pulling has been around for over 2700 years ago.

Should you be interested, Dr Bruce Fife has written some very interesting books about the miracles of coconut oil.

Its properties and benefits are countless.

In the UK, I have found it easy to obtain coconut oil.

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  • I just use mouthwash... seems fine... chlorhexidine has been shown to work.

    Oil pulling... more



  • I'm new to this site, but not pleased that one of the first things I see is a reference to "Dr. Mercola". Need I worry that people here follow him?

  • You'll usually see any reference to "Dr. Mercola" followed by a reply debunking his claims or a reference to the FDA ordering Dr. Joseph Mercola to Stop Illegal Claims quackwatch.org/11Ind/mercol...

    If only his medical science was as good or better than his marketing...

    Neil :)

  • I watched the video that shazie posted and I thought Mercola looked terrible...

    Perhaps he needs to stop following his own advice... 😱

  • Hi E-lynn

    I follow myself if you know what I mean, CLLCanada is a good one to listen to.

    Me personally I use the Red wine mouthwash trouble is I forget to spit :)


  • Bishops Finger (ale) work's for me!

  • Yuc!! Hobgoblin better

  • Hobgoblin? No! I couldn't ask for that in a pub, I might mispronounce it, and end up in the back of a police car!

  • Good oral hygiene is vital in immunocompromised CLL patients, and particularly when on treatment. Your dentist is also a good source of advice as you need to look after the gums as well the teeth and oral cavity. It's from here that a lot of infections start and you need to watch for the signs.

    Wishing you all good health over the Christmas season.


  • I tried the oil pulling and had a headache. I would like to try again but worried about the headaches.

    Thank you,

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