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flow cytometry

In May 2015 I had this result: - Immunophenotypic evidence of persistent chronic lymphocytic leukemia / small lymphocytic lymphoma (CLL/SLL, ~49.7% of total), CD38(-) and ZAP-70(-). See


Last week I had this result: Immunophenotypic findings consistent with CD38-/ZAP70- Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia/Small Lymphocytic Lymphoma (CLL/SLL), comprising ~79% cellularity. See



Flow cytometric analysis shows a monoclonal B-cell population with expression of

CD19, CD20 (dim), CD23, CD5 and lambda light chain (dim). FMC-7 is negative. CD38

is negative, and ZAP-70 [negative] is expressed in ~7% of CD5 positive B-cells.

I was able to look my results up on line. I don't see the doctor til next month. Is this bad news? Also I looked up the result of my bone marrow biopsy and it said "quantity insufficient" so I think I went through that for nothing?


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Hi Bonnie

That is a fairly standard flow cytometry, that confirms CLL, the two good factors are CD38 is negative, and ZAP-70 [negative], this is an indication that you have mutated IGHV gene, with 70% accuracy, and this puts you into a group with a better prognosis.

However, without a FISH panel, to determine your type of CLL, it remains a bit vague.

Unfortunately, the BMB was a dry well... it happens...

So, wait for your doctor's full interpretation. I see by a previous post your WBC is over 120 ... have you managed to get a second opinion yet?


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I saw one in Philly a few years ago but now I live in florida and I have not gone to a specialist yet. I was waiting until I had the bone marrow biopsy results so I would have all the information ready to go. My WBC was 138 this time but I am still hoping to avoid treatment. Thanks for your comment.


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