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Keeping yourself and others safe on HealthUnlocked - Reporting inappropriate Private Messages

Keeping yourself and others safe on HealthUnlocked - Reporting inappropriate Private Messages

You can now Report inappropriate Private Messages as well as posts and replies. Just click/select the 'v' to the right of the PM you wish to report and select 'Report'.

Please note that reported posts and replies go to the community admins for review and appropriate action, but reported Private Messages go to HealthUnlocked. If HealthUnlocked agree that the reported PM is against HU guidelines, they will ban the sender from all HU communities.

If you'd prefer your community administrators to review a PM for appropriate action, you can do that in two ways:

1) Just reply to the PM, adding the administrators to the PM recipients. The sender will see that you've done that.

2) If you don't want the sender to know you have reported the PM, just copy and paste the offending PM into another PM to your administrators.

Your community administrators are AussieNeil and HAIRBEAR.

Other Online Security Tips:


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Hi Neil or Good day

I'm surprised people would send inappropriate private messages this is a support site after all not a dating agency................Ok I will stop doing it ;)


6ft 1in 16st ish dark hair dark eyes likes Cycling


Can't help yourself, can you :) .


This is very good to know and be reminded of. I was an administrator of a NHL cancer support page of about 4,500 people on Facebook, and there were many strange things going on. Besides offering support and watching the activities, my main concern was to scrutinize the profile of the new requests to approve. I put my 'heart and soul' into It, as I see that Aussie Neil does and I thank him greatly for his time and efforts! 😍


On behalf of my fellow administrator HAIRBEAR and the volunteers that keep us all safe (with Newdawn deserving particular mention), thanks SouthFloridaLady. Spammers know when to target communities, but thanks to that shared vigilance, our community is kept safe around the clock.



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