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Anyone Know Whats Going On With These Blood Cells ☠

Anyone Know Whats Going On With These Blood Cells  ☠

I have been quite ill WELL thats understatment a chest sinus infection nearly killed me.

Sats SPO2 89 ... anyway looking at red blood cells under microscope am after finding a consensus on if these cells are elliptocytes cells

And what significance these have in relation to low IGM and vanashing Vitamin D

Cheers thanks

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Heres intresting read




Your link certainly is interesting if you want to waste your time believing in conspiracy theories, which unfortunately are everywhere on the Internet. I'm not sure if you intended to draw attention to the conspiracy theory regarding murders of holistic doctors in the USA (where unfortunately, there are so many needless deaths that it is easy to produce a group of deceased people from murder or suicide with any association you wish) or the GcMAF miracle cancer drug (again something the Internet has in abundance).

With respect to both of the above, read this:


And these about Gc-MAF:

Paper about widely touted but unapproved “cure” for cancer, autism retracted


Gc-MAF Wikipedia article:


In addition to all of us desperately wanting a cure for CLL, we do have parents in this community with autistic children who would do anything they could to help their children overcome their autism. To avoid giving desperate people false hope, please do an Internet search on any subject with extraordinary claims with the key word along with scam and see what turns up before posting. Thank you.

I appreciate that you have some serious health challenges and are finding it difficult to find answers. That's a great photo of your blood cells, but unfortunately for you, we're a community of CLL patients, not haematologists or microbiologists. I wish you well in finding appropriate expertise to assist you in understanding what's behind your poor health.



Hi Neil

Link was just of intrest as its blood story i was following

Yes i do have serious unresolved health issues i am trying to get to the bottom of

All my microscope finding point to blood disorder WHITCH type i dont know But it allways brings me back to this door

elliptocytes blood cells are seen in maylomas and various leukaemia's


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