Jumping for Joy

Hi Everyone, I just wanted to let you know the latest (at last) good news my husband has received today. We went to see Dr Bloor at The Christie this morning following months of uncertainty his platelet count has increased to 33 (not high in the great scheme of things) from 6 last week and we also received the fantastic news that he is able to be treated with Idelalisib + Rituxin starting next week. We are hoping that this treatment will do the trick, so fingers crossed.

Regards to you all

Lots of love June

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  • Hi, that is great news, you must be thrilled.

    Let us know how you're Husband gets on


  • So pleased to hear your good news, June. Great to know that your husband's platelets have increased (every little bit counts), and that he's going to start Idelalisib soon. Do let us know how he gets on.

    It's now over 2 weeks since I started on Idelalisib, and I'm still doing well. No side effects so far.

    Wishing you both all the best for this new stage in your journey,


  • Hi June.

    That 6 to 33 jump in platelets is BIG news; your husband has successfully jumped the largest hurdle in starting treatment. He has jumped from deep into grade 4 thrombocytopenia where spontaneous bleeding is likely, into grade 3 thrombocytopenia. That gives you both hope and more importantly hope that is based on an extremely encouraging result - actually being able to start on the road to recovery other than facing what must have seemed a near insurmountable barrier. Your husband is now clearly in the race to pick up speed to clear the smaller hurdles in the distance if you'll pardon the sporting reference.

    That's worth celebrating!


  • Brilliant news. Keep us updated. Prggy

  • Hi June I don't know you but knowing each other on this site gives us help and encouragement

    So very pleased for you both . and yes keep us updated 😄

    Good luck and god bless


  • Wonderful news ,I am so pleased for you both .


  • Hope is a wonderful thing to share. Thank you and sincere best wishes for treatment. Do keep us posted.

  • Brilliant to hear your husband is now at the starting gate June. Massive best wishes that he now gallops to victory!

    Keep us posted.


  • By posting good news you are giving a lift to many others on this forum.

    Likewise, when we read of those going through more difficult times, then we are reminded that we are not the only ones going through the troughs and don't feel quite so alone.

    So good news or bad, please keep in touch - but so glad the news is so positive for you both at this time. Long may it continue.

  • Good news for you both.


  • I'm so thrilled for your husband and for you! What seems not terribly significant to someone going through life healthy can be absolute gold when dealing with a major health issue. I so glad that your husband can start Idelalisib and Rituxan. I wonder if this will become Z / R. Every time I learn the names and abbreviations for something it is changed.


  • So happy for you. Go and treat yourselves, you deserve it!!

  • So thrilled for your great news. Sounds like your body is making a comeback! The love and support of a loving partner is not to be underestimated. Eat your fruits and veggies and stay positive. Think of us during your treatment sending our love and support because we all are!


  • Best wishes and good luck.

  • A very big thanks for all of your replies. I'll keep everyone informed with Ken's progress when he starts his treatment later this week. Your support and good wishes mean a lot.

    June. X

  • Good luck to him, I hope it all works out for him.

  • Fantastic news !! ... I bet I've smiled at you lots of times sat in department 26 at the Christie, I was there on Friday too ... Small world !! , keep us posted on how your husband is doing ...

    Sending lots of positive vibes, keep trucking !!!

    Jan x

  • Hi,

    I'm a Department 26er now too!




  • Say hello if you see a crazy lady smiling at you !!! X

  • Will do!

  • Maybe see you on 2nd Oct. that's our next apt!!! X

  • I'm next up September 18th, but anyone's guess after that! So, yes, may well do.



  • I'm there every Friday now to have my bloods checked so I will try and look out for you, put a face to the name 😀 xx

  • Great news, June,

    Hope all goes well.



  • Good luck to you both from across the ocean. It's so wonderful that things are turning around for your husband. Fingers crossed!

    Love also,


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