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Low Platelets

I have just completed my fifth year in remission following four rounds of FCR (2009/10).

My latest clinic appointment yesterday showed no significant enlarged nodes, lymphocytes 1.58 and all other blood results well in the normal range except for platelets.

These now read 96 and were 112 in April and 140 in December 2014. I have not experienced any significant bruising, bleeding gums etc.

My haematologist consultant advised that if the platelets drop again at my next appointment he will suggest a bone marrow biopsy "to see what might be causing it".

So having came away feeling that my CLL remission is going well my main concern is causes of low platelets and obviously MDS and potential to develop into AML particularly for those exposed to chemo 5-7 years ago.

What I cannot find are any other causes to the low platelets which are less worrying. Could this all just be a blip which may correct itself (with or without treatment)?


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You shouldn't experience any significant bruising, bleeding gums, etc until your platelets drop below at least 50, so you still have a significant safety margin.

Have you had any change in prescribed drugs or dietary changes (including supplements) in the last 6 months?

Helicobacter Pylori can cause chronic gastritis and peptic ulcer disease and is also associated with lowered platelets:

It's easy to test whether you have it and a combination course of antibiotics is required to eliminate this stomach bacteria.



It sounds counter-intuitive, but both HYPO-thyroidism and HYPER-thyroidism can lower the platelet count. Weird. Getting a Free T3, Free T4, and TSH would answer the question in both directions (yes, you have to get the Free T3, as that number can go high while the other two numbers are low or mid-range).


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