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World experts on CLL will share their knowledge with Australian patients in September - Patient Education Day at Swissotel, Sydney

World experts on CLL will share their knowledge with Australian patients in September - Patient Education Day at Swissotel, Sydney

Australians wishing to learn directly from international CLL experts can do so this September!

What: Patient Education Day (NOT to be confused with the CLL ARC at the Hilton)

Where: Sydney

Date: Sunday 6th of September, 2015

Venue: Swissotel, Level 8, 68 Market Street, Sydney CBD

Time: 1pm – 6pm

International Speakers include:

Prof. Peter Hillmen, the Professor of Experimental Haematology and Honorary Consultant Haematologist at Leeds Teaching Hospitals, UK.

Prof. Dr Michael Hallek, MD Chair, German CLL Study Group Director, Center for Integrated Oncology Köln-Bonn

Dr Con Tam, a Haematology Consultant at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and 1998 University of Melbourne graduate. He completed haematology training in Melbourne and at the MD Anderson Cancer Centre in USA and is internationally recognized for his expertise in blood cancers, especially in NHL and CLL. (To be confirmed)

Dr William Wierda, Professor and Center Medical Director for the Department of Leukaemia at MD Anderson, USA.

Dr Adrian Wiestner, a graduate of the University of Basel, Switzerland with a M.D. in 1992 and a Ph.D. in 1997 and currently with the NIH in Bethesda, USA.

Dr Brian Koffman, a family doc and well known blogger and CLL educator to patients and the medical fraternity alike.

More information and Registration:

Many thanks to Brian for putting this together and to Lymphoma Australia for supporting this unique opportunity for Australians and anyone else who'd like to visit to learn the latest CLL international news directly from international experts presenting at the iWCLL.


Photo: Needing no explanation to Aussies, a photo showing the green and gold of our national floral emblem; the wattle tree in bloom.

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Hi Neil - I thought the CLL ARC education forum at the Hilton on the 6th sept was the event that you, deb and brian were organising. Can I assume that this is not the case and that I have accidently booked myself into something different?



Hi Greg,

Yes the CLL ARC education forum is different, and confusingly, it's also the first time that this has been offered at an iWCLL. If you qualify for the ARC Education Forum and believe you can benefit from attending it, by all means attend sessions of interest to you. We've purposefully chosen a nearby venue to make it possible to attend sessions of interest at both the Patient Education and ARC Education Forum meetings.

To quote from the website:

"This (the CLL ARC) workshop is a perfect opportunity for Haematology trainees and registrars, early career consultants, consultants from low-CLL incidence countries to gain an overall update on CLL...

I appreciate your keenness and apologies for the confusion, but organising this education day specifically for CLL patients has not been easy to achieve. I've clarified my post so hopefully others won't get confused.




Bugger! Thanks Neil


Thanks Neil

Just registered and looking forward to attending this information session.


Looking forward to hearing these amazing specialists talk to us in person. Thanks Neil.


I've just bumped this back into Newsfeed so this fantastic opportunity for Australians to hear from world renown CLL experts can be easily found by those that heard about it on today's Australian Leukaemia Foundation CLL Telephone Forum. :)


Will I see you in Sydney? We've got over 50 registrations and the organisers are working with our very busy presenters to slot their presentations in when they can spare us the time.



I'm extremely disappointed to advise that for reasons beyond the organisers' control, the planned Patient Education Day has been cancelled. My apologies to anyone who has registered and made plans to attend.

I understand that there will be some coverage of the iWCLL along with interviews with some of the international attendees by the CLL Society and Patient Power, so keep an eye out for those interviews.



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