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Pruritus (itching) US & Eastern Canadian Resouces

Hi All,

I have just returned from a visit with my dermatologist Dr. Brian Poligone at Univ. Rochester Medical Center in NY State. I had a SCC (Squamous Cell Carcinoma) removed by him from my shoulder in 2010. I had a pre-cancerous lesion burned off my right ear on this visit. I had not been to him in two years; my how time flies when you are having fun! A reminder that skin cancers are much more likely with CLLers. Yearly visits are recommended.

Dr. Poligone is a researcher in his own field with a focus on CTCL (Cutaneous T Cell Lymphoma) and informed me that he has a collaborative study ongoing with a prominent CLL specialist Dr. Clive Zent also at the Univ. Rochester Medical Center in NY State, Wilmot Cancer Center. The study is concerned with Pruritus or itching and likely other skin related issues to include cancers. This collaborative study also includes another dermatologist at Temple University, PA by the name of Gil Yosipovitch. If you are at a point of frustration with the side effects of CLL and or treatment induced Pruritus these Docs would be my choice to consult. Dr. Poligone was upbeat about improvements in treatment for pruritus.

goo.gl/ITCxiU Dr. Gil Yosipovitch and

urmc.rochester.edu/people/2... Dr. Brian Poligone


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