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Hi all

This has got to me , LLR are going to rebrand and call themselves Bloodwise

Bloody stupid if you ask me

So I have posted this

Leukaemia and lymphoma research said it all - Bloodwise doesn't even give you a clue that it' s about Blood Cancer which clown thought of this ? How much does it cost to rename ? If it ain't broke why fix it.

Why change a name ,there is a 25% discount on rebranding we are told so I have asked how much is 75% going to cost.

I raise funds for LLR not rebranding

Annoyed Flyer

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I have to say I'm not massively keen on the new name either Flyer. The original name was self explanatory but I suppose they think the new name is catchy. Not sure if members were canvassed for opinion?

Bloodwise does sound a bit like an American gang though! :-(

Hope it doesn't deter you from your excellent fundraising efforts though.




Hi Nd

Of course it won't but it's a name everyone knows, Bloodwise people will ask what's that

Hope you are doing ok



Personally, I too, think it stupid. I commented to my daughter about it. She thought the new name sounded like somthing to do with Cholesterol rather than L or L.



Thanks Rob the thing I object to is 85k being spent on rebranding and not research still it started quite a debate on the LLR Facebook page.


I had a quick look on Facebook and I just don't get the big benefit. 85K spent changing an obvious name to one less obvious. The best comment I saw was "it will make it easier answering the phone", sounds like an internal comment to me.

Added to my daughter's comment about it sounding like something to do with Cholesterol I just do not get it. It just seems to generic and easily misinterpreted.

I must be getting too old, I like change, or so I thought.

I can understand your objection based on the effort you've put into raising money.



Committee designing a horse and we get a camel... Bloodwise...

That is wrong with BloodCancer?

I read the supposed reasoning... and I shake my head...



Well said Chris


I like it.

Rebranding always causes a stir and there will always be people who don't agree. One thing CLL has taught my family is that life is too precious to get worked up about the relatively small things in life. The charity has done, and will continue to do, great work whatever it is called so let's get behind them......


I agree and the charity does an excellent joe and I will continue to support it

But changing it to Bloodwise at a cost of 85k where is the sense in that.

I raise funds for research not rebranding



To put that in context it is 0.4% of just one year's income.

Not sure I am in the position of 2nd guessing their research and conversations with members. But as I said, I like it.


Not a fan at all. If they want to rebrand why not BloodCancer like Chris said. To me Blood wise is confusing what does it mean? You know about blood. The thought of cancer does not even come to mind with that name

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Good suggestion Kam

I fear a big mistake is going to happen


For all of us please keep flying !

The name is changed now I assume, so guess we now need to swallow hard and promote and explain the new name.

At least people should be able to spell it ok (even me) in non abbreviated form.



Hi Ernie uk of course I will , 20k and still going strong

Yes I know what you mean


I think it's a rubbish name, "Bloodwise" to me sounds like an old B-rated Vampire film.


My main concern is people know who Leukaemia and lymphoma research are.

With Bloodwise it may not register.

When I stand out side collecting you see people recognise the charity from the shirt I wear and are on the way to the collection box with Bloodwise I can see people just walking by.

If this happens then the collector misses out and ultimately the patient and thats got to be a concern.

Thanks for you positive feedback it was said the research for the name change had been done over a two year period I have been involved with LLR for 5 years and they are well aware that I have CLL - no one asked me.

will keep on flying

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