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C-diff scares me to death

I've had C-diff at least 3 times over the last 2 1/2 years; it seems to 'go away' only to return with each 'new' infection. Interestingly enough, I had no problems with it during my 6 months of chemotherapy, and, within days of ending chemo, it came back with a vengeance! Hospitalized,' medicated' and sent home ...a few days later received a letter from the Hospital reading 'oh we're so sorry you contracted Cdiff while in the hospital'....(No offer to reduce my bill I might add...)The "transplant" offer has been given but it is very expensive and nobody's health insurance will pay for the 'donor's side of the surgery and only part of the recipients. I am 69 years old and WAS looking to a longer life having come out of chemo...suggestions???

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Sorry, I'm confused... it is not hard to do these days.... ;-)

When you say transplant, are you talking fecal transplant for C.Diff? It is a simple enema, or are you talking about a stem cell transplant for CLL?

There are also new fecal pills available in the U.S. Contact OpenBiome, I believe they are in Boston...



My Son was 'approved' as a donor for the fecal transplant but it is the CO$T of it that puts that out-of-reach for me and I will not allow him to spend that much money to do me a favor (he's got a son in a very expensive University)..I had been given some pills called Thymax from my nutritionist and the first time they seemed to 'do the trick'...but after finishing chemo and getting cdiff again, the Thymax only made me nauseous and I threw up....I'll ask about the OpenBiome...thanks for the suggestion!


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