HI all,

Well W&W is finally over (that wasnt very long) I started my clinical trial of iFCR and so far so good. Not noticing and side effects of the ibrutinib. FCR starts tuesday so we will see the shit hit the fan then :)

He is the crazy part for all of you concerned about how high your white count is....at last check i was at 780k...YES 780k!! Im going for the world record wish me luck.

Stay strong people and remember keep laughing :)

Erik -

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  • Sorry to hear your news, but I hope this works & puts you back on w & w sooner rather than later.

    Stay strong & positive, even when you feel you can't be.

  • Can only say, the very best of luck with your treatment Erik, you have the right state of mind to be sure.

  • Best wishes and good luck

  • Thinking + thoughts for you!

  • Commencement of treatment is just another part of our cll journey. Hope all goes well and that there aren't too many bumps along the way. Keep in touch.

  • Hang in there! Will say a prayer for you! Stay positive!

  • Erik...your sense of humour is wonderful. Sending you all the very best vibes. xxx

  • Erick

    Kick its a@@!

    All the best


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