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ASH 2014: Rough Notes from Dr. Clive Zent and Dr. Wiestner on Prognostic Factors and Resistance in CLL

Hi friends,

I have just posted on my blog: my rough notes from a lecture on CLL from ASH 2014. I hope it offers two things.

First it contains a flood of information on how our understanding of prognostic indicators, tumor heterogeneity, and clonal evolution is changing.

Second, it gives you a glance under the hood of what goes on at these meetings.

The CLL Society's website is coming very soon. Tons of new educational and supportive material and helpful links.

It has been a ton of work, and I so hope it helps meet some of the unmet needs of our community.

Stay strong

We are all in this together


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Thanks Brian. Yes it is rather like drinking from a fire hose! The comment from Dr. Clive Zent's presentation "Clonal Evolution: No longer believe we develop new clones but start with small one that grow." caught my eye. After all this time are you able to expand on what was meant by that?



Very small, sometimes too small to find, sub clones probably grow at different rates, especially but not exclusively in response to therapy. Not everyone agrees, but it is looking more likely.


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