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ASCO 2014: Dr. Susan O'Brien Reviews the 3 years follow-up Data on Ibrutinib in CLL


I am stuck at the airport on my way to OSU waiting for my delayed flight, so I thought I use this opportunity to post on my blog: some of the 3 year trial data on single agent ibrutinib in the relapsed and refractory patients and in the over 65 group.

Very impressive, but not good enough for the 17 p gang members like yours truly.

I am trying to clean up the backlog of audio only before ASH. I also have some great interviews from ESH a few weeks ago in Greece with many of the same players who will be at ASH 2014.

Moving forward there is going to be more than just technically better reporting on my blog, but more on that later.

Stay strong


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Thanks for this, Brian. Very interesting.

I hope you have no more delays to your flights - even though it meant you had time to post this :-)

Best wishes,



Thanks. Looks like another delay in Las Vegas. If it it's too late, I will miss my rental car pickup.


O no... I hope you do get your rental car... So frustrating, these things that are so out of our control.. :-(


Thanks as always, Brian

Hope you got your rental car!!

Resonate-2, Ibrutinib (happy) lab-rat :)


Thanks, Brian, for this very encouraging post.


Dear friends, my name is Tricia i am based in Africa Zambia. Iam suffering from diebetes,i lost my job last year because my employer fired me when he found out i was hurts me so much such that at times i feel like commiting suicide,im looking after my aged parents who entirely depend on me......i just need encouragements....Tricia


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