Eyenaemia: the selfie that could save lives

Eyenaemia: the selfie that could save lives

Some of us may be aware of a quick way to assess whether you are low on blood iron - check the level of pinkness inside your bottom eyelid. Some enterprising Australian medical students recently won Microsoft’s 2014 Imagine Cup with their innovative app that detects anaemia in just this manner, beating entries from 33,000 students across the globe:


With anaemia a common complication of CLL, it might be worth keeping an eye out for this app ;).

It even made the UK news:



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  • Here is the website. Certainly interesting, now you need a doctor to find out why you are anemic... there are a number of causes...


  • This is a standard part of a medical exam. In more severe anemias, the creases in the palms lose their color.

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