A World Expert Looks Back on His CLL Career

Here's my favorite CLL interview EVER, with my doctor, Michael Keating, and his retrospective view of how far we have come during his long career. Please watch and tell me what you think. Tell others too, including your doctor. Dr. Keating deserves the recognition. He has saved or lengthened many lives: patientpower.info/video/dr-...

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  • It's nice to have a positive video Andrew - thank you.

  • Thank YOU!

  • Your respect and admiration for Michael Keating shines through in this interview Andrew. I'm not fortunate enough to have met or massively lucky enough to benefit from Dr. Keating's medical care but right from my diagnosis two and a half years ago, I've taken such hope and positivity from his absolute belief that we can beat this disease into submission.

    I can recall watching a video very early following dx with Dr. Keating and at the time was totally clueless about the science or terminology. I remember tears of hope at what he had to say and I've held onto his predictions and strong belief since that time. Such commitment and determination is benefitting the medical and CLL community enormously.

    I hope that he manages to achieve his absolute hope of 'cracking' CLL before he retires and thank him enormously for his dedication to us all.


  • Thanks!

  • Thanks for posting this Andrew, it gives us all hope in an 'incurable' landscape. Dr Keating is a CLL Hero thats for sure.

  • Thanks!

  • Hi Andrew,

    Great overview of a CLL researcher giant and a promising future going forward. I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with Michael at the Canadian CLL Conference in Niagara Falls 2012. At that time I was less than a year on Ibrutinib and when I told Michael of the Clinical Trial I enrolled in. He said "you are a lucky man!" Indeed I am part of the rapidly growing patient success stories that really began with patients such as yourself.

    Looking forward to seeing you and many patients at the next Canadian CLL Live Conference in April of 2015.

    This Conference promises to be packed with the latest information to guide the newly diagnosed and the old guard.


  • Can't wait!

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