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Hi All

Had a blood test as had cough for about 4/5 weeks Dr decided said it was viral

Normal count good and bad 54 I am seeing him tomorrow but was told HB 15.5 usually in the 17.s

Platelets 307 which is high pastime they were 175 WBC has gone up to 80.9.

Usually it creeps up slowly so this is a big jump for me could it be due to the virus

Any words of comfort much appreciated

The flyer

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Hi I think the Dr's are right as infections and viruses do tend to send the bloods haywire. But on a positive note it does seem like your bone morrow can produce what is needed by the immune system to fight back. Best wishes


Thanks Paula

Later today I managed to get in touch with my consultant she said the same thing and isn't concerned at all.

Nice to hear from you



Different people(hospitals) seem to have slightly different ways of presenting the numbers...

Normal range where I attend are:

Plt 130-400. You are in that range (175 -> 307) .. tick

HB 130-180. Note my comment above, I suspect you team reports 10**2 different to mine, possibly, which puts your numbers in my normal range as well (17(170) ->15.5(155))

I agree with Paula, until your team advises otherwise tomrrow I think I'd assume the numbers have big change due to body reacting to the invaders. Assuming this is correct, then again I agree, nice to know your systems can respond.

Hope everything goes well and you're off on the bike soon again (that's me assuming you're not on it due to cough).



Hi Red

You and Paula are spot on, my consultant said much the same thing handy to know in future if I can't get hold off her I can get expert advice here.

Not been on the bike for a while have had sciatica since mid -August got better about 5 weeks ago then this started.

Still fundraising at 3k at the moment, building towards Lands end to Jo'groats in May 2016 so got plenty of time for training and more fundraising.



Sorry Julian but it was Jangreen not me who replied to you above. I agree with what she said about the bloods, but want to make sure there is no misunderstanding re who wrote.

I hope your cough soon clears up and you can get back on your bike. I too have a nasty cough/cold/sore throat at the moment so am not getting my daily walks.

Best of luck with your cycling and fund raising

Take care,



G'day Flyer,

I agree with Rob and Jangreen, your results are probably out of kilter from your respiratory infection, so it is good that you have an appointment so your doctor can examine you for any signs of secondary bacterial infection that might warrant the use of antibiotics to help you over it. You've got plenty of leeway in your haemoglobin and your platelets are doing very well. I'm envious!



Hi Neil

Got the others today slight up or down Consultans not worried so neither am I.

Did you catch the Rugby at the Weekend.....swing low sweet chariot.



Julian, the best result is your Consultant not being worried. As to the rugby, is that what gets shown between the end of the news and the weather? Seriously, when it comes to following an oval ball around, there are two different rugby leagues followed in New South Wales and Queensland. The rest of Australia follows Aussie Rules football. :)

Hope you are back to flying on your bike real soon.



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