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The Forgotten Cancers Project (sorry, Australians only)

The Forgotten Cancers Project (sorry, Australians only)

The Cancer Council of Victoria, Australia needs 15,000 Australians who've been diagnosed with a less common cancer and naturally CLL qualifies. Why this project? "Less common cancers together account for 54% of all cancer-related deaths in Victoria, yet we still do not fully understand their causes, that is, the knowledge we require to inform our prevention programs. Our work at Cancer Council Victoria encompasses all cancers, but we have not forgotten the impact that less common cancers have on thousands of lives each year. We believe now is the time to increase our focus on less common cancers."

All Australians are invited to volunteer and they need a further 15,000 volunteers without cancer as controls:

"You will be asked to provide information on your family history of cancer, health events, and other aspects such as lifestyle and occupation. You will also be asked to provide a saliva sample for genetic analysis." A blood sample may also be requested for CLL patients, but you are not obliged to provide one.

The site has a very good Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for those wishing to know more:

If you volunteer and later decide to withdraw, you can do so and ask for your DNA and blood samples to be destroyed.

Associated post - CLL is a rare disease:


Photo: My snap photo to Chris's on his post on CLL being a rare disease; water droplets on broom bush leaves from a morning fog.

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Received my saliva test kit today, it feels good knowing that at least I'm doing something while Watching and Waiting. :-)



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