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Hanging in

Hi Everybody and thanks to everyone that took the time to reply to my posts.

I am from the UK and am being treated for CLL at the Kent & Canterbury Hospital. Since finishing my chemo in January. I have been full of aches and pains and fatigue which is still with me 10 months later. I have not let this stop me doing things and I was playing Badminton twice a week and swam regularly in the sea and pool but was always tired and took a lot of effort to do. As the months rolled by since my chemo finished my WBC slowly increased from a low of 15 to 42.1 when I saw my consultant I said I did not want to have anymore chemo as it just made me feel generally unwell all the time. She said well when we think that I am ready for more treatment we will try me on IBRUTINIB I said when will that be she said when my blood counts were at a stage where I needed more treatment. So I said I don't want to hang around waiting in the cold months of winter in the UK can I go on holiday, she said yes so I took the next available plane out to Thailand. You see before my CLL was diagnosed last July I had spent the last 14 winters backpacking in various places around the world for six months from October to April and I missed it last winter because of treatment. So here I am out in the warm again which makes me feel a lot better but still not fit enough to travel on any further so Will just stay put here. My WBC have gone up again but I am hoping I can hang in until next April. WATCH THIS SPACE!!!!!!!!

And good luck to everyone else. John

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Hi John,

14 winters backpacking, sounds impressive lifestyle. Here's hoping you can hang in until the warmer weather, Rob


Thanks Rob for your comment, but what's with the hang dog expression!!!!



John, funny :-) that's our Coco (cuddly big newfie)


Sorry to learn you are possibly approaching further treatment having only completed your course of chemo in January. Meanwhile just enjoy your time in Thailand. Hope you can stay until April as planned. I'm sure the warm weather in Thailand will help. Journey well and keep in touch.


How you manage to do all that despite everything else (fatigue for example) is beyond me. I admire your determination to live with the quality of life you desire. Enjoy Thailand and bring back a souvenir. :)

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