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High Cancer Treatment Costs Force Patients to Compromise on Care

High Cancer Treatment Costs Force Patients to Compromise on Care

A recent national survey in the United States, found that the financial burden of cancer treatment leads many patients to make potentially harmful medical care and lifestyle tradeoffs in order to pay for treatment. The survey was presented ahead of the Palliative Care in Oncology Symposium in Boston this week:


According to the American Cancer Society, 13% of cancer patients struggle with high out-of-pocket costs and about 20% spend their life savings on paying for treatment. This study is the first to explore sociodemographic factors associated with how patients cope with those pressures.

In a related study presented during the symposium, researchers reported that many cancer survivors experience financial or work-related hardship years after treatment. In the survey of 1,600 cancer survivors, 27% reported at least one financial problem, such as debt or bankruptcy, while 37% reported changing work plans, such as taking extended time off or delaying retirement.


Infographic: How UK health spending compares to other OECD countries (including the USA)



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Delaying retirement just so we can afford health care! The fear of loosing your job even though that is against the law. Are all concerns that we have. One reason my husband is not being treated with Ibutinib now is because the insurance company will not pay for off label use. Right now it is not a big deal and we will have Ibutinib available for future use.

I am glad to see this study and hope to see more in the future. Cancer is not just effect the patient but many other aspects of their lives.

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