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ASCO 2014: Dr. Kipps on ABT-199 and ROR1: "Cancer is not an alien from outer space, cancer is us"


In my latest post on my blog ( ), I have an interview with Dr. Kipps from ASCO earlier this year that helps explain why ABT-199 could be such a potent (and dangerous) weapon in fighting CLL and why the development of therapies directed against ROR1 are so exciting.

I love how Dr. Kipps uses analogies to explain and make accessible complex concepts. His general discussion on the nature of cancer is very thoughtful.

I comment on where I see the need for more research and my excitement and my worries.

Stay strong


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Fascinating and informative as always Brian. The video holds much promise for the future and not just for CLL . Dr Kipps explains things so well in ways we can all understand.

Thank you for the work you are doing to share this information with us.



We are lucky to have researchers such as Kipps working for us.


I agree with you Doc. I'm glad you are feeling good.


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