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Quick guide to finding your way around our new website

Quick guide to finding your way around our new website

It's just over a week since all HealthUnlocked communities moved to the new interface and many of us are still finding our way around. This quick guide is primarily for Desktop/Laptop users as Tablet and Smartphone users may find the layout slightly different, with sections like polls and pinned posts that appear to the right on the wider desktop screen, appearing below, so you'll need to scroll down to find them.

On desktops and laptops, the major sections of the site are reached through the top green menu bar via "HealthUnlocked", a drop down list from your "UserID v", a drop down list from "My Communities v", "Help" and "Search HealthUnlocked".

On Android based displays, the green menu bar is simplified to just three bars on the left (which takes you to a menu for the rest of the site), "Help" and "Search". Navigate to the main site pages by touching the three bars for a menu to "Your Account " (indicated by your UserID and a cog icon), "Newsfeed", "Messages", "Browse community", "Profile", "Search", all the communities of which you are a member and finally "Logout". Touch "HealthUnlocked" to close the menu.

Entering into your browser should take you to the main "Newsfeed" page of our community if you only belong to the one community. Note: Newsfeed shows the latest activity for ALL your communities. Clicking on "My Communities" in the green menu bar at the top will let you select from your community memberships and browse the other HU communities.

The main page of your community (i.e. CLLSupport) shows the Latest Posts (includes Questions) and Latest Poll at the top of the page. "All posts >" and "All polls >" can be accessed by clicking on the relevant blue text to the right of the Latest posts/polls text.

On the All posts page, you can access the Pinned Posts on the right of the page (or at the bottom on a tablet or smart phone).

There's a "Sort by v" option on the All posts page. Use this to sort by Newest, Recently Active, Unanswered and Popular. While you are here, select Unanswered and brighten someone's day by replying to their contribution.

Clicking on your "UserID v" will enable you to select the "Newsfeed", "Profile", "Messages" and "Your Account" pages or "Log out".

Newest Members can be found under the Latest Poll on the main page. You can find members by clicking on the blue "Find members >" text and look at their contributions or send them a private message from this page.

You can send someone a message by either clicking on their blue text UserID adjacent to their post/reply and then clicking on the "Send message" button near the top right of the page or by clicking on your UserID, selecting "Messages" and clicking on the "Compose" button at the top right of the page.

From any page, click on "HealthUnlocked" in the green menu to get back to Newsfeed. You'll need to refresh this page (F5 for Windows and Linux users) to see additions.

Tips/shortcuts, particularly for users of Apple devices and of course correction,s are most welcome via a reply.

Hope this helps,


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Thanks Neil.

What needs fixing immediately on Apple devices is the inability to 'zoom in' on the screen to enlarge text...

While I have no problems reading the HU website on the iPad, it is difficult to read on the iPhone... perhaps bolder text might help... but again text size zooming would help...



Thanks Neil - I have just discovered bits of the website I didn't know where there!


Which is exactly why I wrote the post. I've been using the new site daily for about a month and not that long ago someone showed me something I hadn't found...

I'm sure there will be many more like you that will now be able to more fully use the site :)


Thanks Neil.

I am fairly new to the site. Used the previous site with ease but not finding the new site as easy so this has helped greatly.

All the best


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