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Flow symmetry

now I'm even more confused & I don't see the Hemayolgist until mid-Aug. I went online & found out some test results from the new Hematologist who redid everything (blood work):

1) beta 2 is high

2) "CD38 expression is dim heterogeneous.


(+) CD5, CD19, dim CD20, CD23, dim heterogeneous CD38, dim kappa

(-) CD10, FMC7, lambda, other T-cell markers "

I've never heard the words dim or lambda or heterogeneous or fmc7 used in my results before....

Can anyone explain what any of this means besides a confirmation that I do indeed have CLL?

Thank you!

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Dim or bright refer to fluorescent staining intensity of a sample when compared against a standard. Generally, CD20 in CLL is 'dim' but in trisomy 12 patients it is occasionally found to be 'bright' ... in effect, they have more CD20.

Complex but well explained here

CD20 and FCM7 tend to go hand in glove, FCM7 is usually only found on cells with 'bright' CD20... FCM7 is used on occasion to separate CLL diagnosis from other B cell cancers...

Beta 2 microglobulin, is a prognostic indicator in CLL, but it must be interpreted by a pathologist where other factors like kidney function, age etc. plays a role...


Thank you for replying- it helped a little unfortunately it still is a foreign langauge to me...I guess mostly I am going to have to wait until I see the Dr. in mid-Aug. I received a ton of results back but he didn't say anything about the results...


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