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FISH Results; Co-existance of Trisomy 12 & 13q deletion


I have been recently diagnosed with CLL and have received the results of my bone marrow biopsy and FISH test. "These FISH studies detected Trisomy 12 and deletion of one or both 13q loci in 40% of interphase nuclei." I haven't been able to find much information on the significance of having both abnormalities. Is there any difference between this and a Trisomy 12 alone?

Question 2: Can anyone decipher this secret code? FISH Results: ABNORMAL FISH: nuc ish(D12Z3x3,D13S319x1,LAMP1x2) [62/200)/ (D12Z3x3,D13S319xO,LAMP1x2) [18/200]

Great site! I'm grateful to have found it!


Diagnosed 4/7/14

Stage 0

Probable cause Agent Orange exposure Vietnam 1967-67

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This was recently asked on another forum and Dr. Sharman said Trisomy 12 trumps 13q

Those weird codes are FISH probes... you can read more about them here




If you have a claim for Agent Orange file it... SLL and now CLL are compensated...




Thanks Chris! I think I understand the FISH mysteries a bit more. I have filed a claim with the Veterans Admin. I submitted it in April and hope to hear something in a few months.




I suspect there is a causal link with my CLL and the Pentachloraphenol organ phosphate that was sprayed in our house against wood worm. Agent Orange and PCP are from the same family of nasties and I also have Trisomy 12. It would be interesting to know if there was a connection between these environmental factors and Tri 12 with others?


Hello Molly, I don't have a hematologist appt for another 3 months but I have wondered myself if Trisomy 12 might have some connection to to chemical or Agent Orange exposure. I would like to know. The Veterans Adminustration has approved my disability claim and it was approved last month. It is on the presumptive list of diseases caused by Agent Orange exposure and I now qualify for many benefits for myself and my wife. It's difficult enough to deal with a disease and our own mortality along with financial issues which are no longer a problem with assistance from the VA.

Best regards to all!



Hi kpminn, I also would like to know how many other Agent Orange CLLers are Trisomy 12. Is it possible to put a call out on the VA?

I am convinced that my CLL was caused by exposure to the organophosphate Pentachloraphenol - PCP a wood preservative and I would like to flag up how dangerous these pesticides are to us humans.

Really glad you have financial assistance, as you say you don't want to have to worry about money as well as ill health.


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