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Take a plane to Seattle to meet and learn more

Ok I know there are many in the UK here, but aren't you due for a vacation in Seattle where it will be sunny and war, but not hot? Volcanoes, mountains, shimmering water and cool people with CLL to meet and great medical experts explaining the latest. And if you are from the US, c'mon over to the Pacific Northwest. Here is a link to how to register for a free CLL town meeting for patients and caregivers. I am the host. I am hoping to do more in the US and Europe soon. There's so much upbeat news to talk about and positive stories to share. Please register. It would be great if you could join me for the CLL patient town meeting in Seattle on July 26th.

Tell others too! Thanks.

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Honest, those of you in the UK and elsewhere who aren't familiar with Seattle, there is no war there, but the weather is very nice this time of year. Love autocorrect!


Oh i believe Seattle is wonderful....I believe Frasier every time he tells us so!

Hope the meeting is a wonderful success Andrew and I know many of us would love to be there.



Thanks. Look for video on There's lots there now. And on too


I live in the beautiful Seattle area and the end of July is the most wonderful time of year here! I am looking forward to the meeting. I was just diagnosed with SLL, very early stage. There is so much information available about CLL but not so much on SLL. I hope there will be some information about SLL presented at the meeting.


Kirklander is right. Summer in Seattle starts after 4th of July which is gorgeous. But, please make an effort to plan your next meeting in San Francisco (Bay Area). This is the home of Imbruvica, Mission Bay, Genentech, Stanford University (Top 10 leukemia treatment center in US) and UCSF (number 5 cancer treatment center in US). We are very hopeful that in near future the cure for CLL would emerge from this area.


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