How do I go about getting a second expert opinion without upsetting my haematologist consultant?

I have previously posted on being concerned about still having lumps in my neck during FCR treatment. I have now had 5 of the 6 cycles of treatment and the last treatment at best only reduced the lumps marginally. Consultant (at Colchester General Hospital in Essex) thinks that I will just go back to watch and wait after cycle 6 but says he will need results of bone marrow test and CT scan to see how effective the treatment has been. My cycle 6 starts Thursday next week and from what I can gather, the bone marrow test and CT scan will be carried out mid September. On a good note, I have tolerated the treatment really well and feel better than I have done for years! On another good note, I previously raised a question on erection problems but Viagra from the GP has sorted that one although it seems I will probably not get anymore Viagra on the NHS as I do not fall into an eligible category.


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4 Replies

  • Hi If you are seeing an ordinary consultant rather than a specialist I would just say as I did that although you are very happy with the care and treatment that you have received you would like to see a specialist. My local hospital were not at all put out and thought that it would be a good idea. Good luck

  • I've just asked my Haematologist about referral to a specialist when the time comes to discuss treatment strategy. I said I was more than happy with the care I was having to date, but would like the opportunity to discuss my case with a cll specialist so that I can be fully aware of all the treatment options. She seemed slightly surprised, but was ok with it. Good luck.

  • I was at the conference in Cambridge yesterday. This topic came up and the guy from Addenbrooks - George Follows was more than happy to see anyone from anywhere. He said just ask your hospital doc to refer you on, using similar language to the replies above and he would see you as often as needed. Might be that one talk with him would settle your doubts. he was inspirational and would be very easy to talk to.

  • Most doctors are thick skinned and should strongly support a second opinion. It may be the most important thing that you do for yourself to improve your outcome.

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