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ASH 2013: Dr. Jeff Sharman Discusses FCR versus BR in CLL

Hi Friends

On my blog today I share my ASH interview with Dr. Sharman where we discussed the data on FCR versus BR.

While this is less the exciting news it would have been a few years back before the emerging era of targeted therapies,, it is still important for a significant segment of us who will need or chose chemo-immunotherapy.

In my preamble to the video, I go over my thoughts on this subject.

My prior post was on the topic of CLL being the "good cancer".

I will be traveling for the new two weeks so won't be readily available by email.

Stay strong


2 Replies

We just got bendamustine approved in Canada, so it should be of great interest...


my husband is in the middle of treatment with bendamustine and rituximab. so far he has had no unpleasant side effects. just feeling tired.


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