ASH 2013: Dr. Jeff Sharman Discusses FCR versus BR in CLL

Hi Friends

On my blog today I share my ASH interview with Dr. Sharman where we discussed the data on FCR versus BR.

While this is less the exciting news it would have been a few years back before the emerging era of targeted therapies,, it is still important for a significant segment of us who will need or chose chemo-immunotherapy.

In my preamble to the video, I go over my thoughts on this subject.

My prior post was on the topic of CLL being the "good cancer".

I will be traveling for the new two weeks so won't be readily available by email.

Stay strong


2 Replies

  • We just got bendamustine approved in Canada, so it should be of great interest...

  • my husband is in the middle of treatment with bendamustine and rituximab. so far he has had no unpleasant side effects. just feeling tired.

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