Jeff Sharman - ASH 2016 with Patient Power

Jeff Sharman - ASH 2016 with Patient Power

'Just back from ASH 2016. Plenty of interesting things to discuss. I did a sit down visit with Andrew Schorr of PatientPower where we filmed this 45 minute discussion of relevant topics in CLL. We were joined by some great docs from MD Anderson and Cambridge Hospital in England.'

Jeff Sharman's blog and video are available here:


Photo: Conestick plant - more unusual Australian flora

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  • I just watched the video, and as a newly diagnosed person trying to take all of this information in it was REALLY helpful. I thought it was a clear explanation in one 45 minute conversation of things my CLL doc has said over 4 appointments. Really helpful. Thanks.

  • A good watchable video. Understood most thanks to HU educating me. these specialists are so enthusiastic. Thank you.


    Great photo Neil.

  • excellent video. Newly diagnosed. Easy to watch and understand. I have laarnt more from this video than from any of the doctors or consultants that I have seen to date. thanks for sharing.

  • Neil;

    Thanks for posting this. An excellent discussion that explained and clarified a number of issues/points for me, especially the chemo versus non chemo meds.



  • Cool plant pic!

  • Thank you so much!

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