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GP consultations are often more complicated than you think

GP consultations are often more complicated than you think

The following article provides an interesting insight into the tangle of potential paths a consultation with your GP may take:

"...the patient-centred approach finds its natural home among the chaos of primary care. For non-linear problems, patients must be given the opportunity to describe in their own way the various things that are troubling them. The doctor must encourage feedback as to whether the medical summation of the issues rings true, and the patient should help craft the management plan.

Some doctors haven’t mastered this, or choose not to spend the time and intellectual effort required. When faced with a non-linear consultation, they will quickly try to reach closure by printing a prescription, test request or referral. They go straight to the nearest conclusion, ignoring all the opportunities down alternative paths."

On a related matter, Dr Brian Koffman in his recent blog on Ibrutinib dosing, referenced this provocatively titled BMJ article: What happens when patients know more than their doctors? Experiences of health interactions after diabetes patient education: a qualitative patient-led study


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