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Clonal Evolution

Prompted by the end of the thread that Neil started recently on ABT199, you all reminded me about clonal evolution.

I've previously put that one on the “too difficult pile”, but time now, I think, to engage the grey matter.

Any chance you could all add your best references, and thoughts, to this thread.

Here’s just an initial one I found, dating from early last year:

. . . over 100 references at the end of that one.

Something a little easier to start with, Peter Nowell, referenced in the above, appears to have started the ball rolling in 1976. Here’s a short potted history from the man himself:

Peter’s last paragraph makes optimistic reading.


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Any of the recent work of Catherine Wu, Dana Farber, or Anna Schuh, Oxford Biomedical Research...

Dr. Sharman has a couple of articles on clonal evolution and the emerging role of subclones...

Also the work of Carlo Croce on mRNAs

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Many thanks Chris, that’s a great list, some familiar names, and some new ones there for me.

I’ll start my reading with Jeff Sharman’s, as his blog is aimed at patients, and then move on from there.

First one I've picked from Jeff is a good introduction to genetics (related to CLL):

. . . and near the end provides links to Jeff’s two articles on evolution:

. . . and part 2:




Hopefully we will start seeing tests for BIRC3, SF3B1, NOTCH1, MYC, RB1, CDKN2A in the near future... then the question becomes, what do we do with the information.


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