Strange goings on

I note there seems to be some strange goings on regarding posts today.

Highlighted by Bethan49 who posted "Reality Hits" but cannot see it or the six responses, so posted "Where's my last post? !". At least one other person responded to the second post and I tried to respond to it. Now, I can neither see "Where's my last Post? !" or any of the responses. However, I can still see the "Reality Hits" thread just fine.

I originally got to the "Where's my last post? !" by clicking on it from a notification email I got. Since adding to the conversation (maybe) I just get an "embarrassing" message. Just to prove I could see this thread, no matter how temporary I can tell you that CLLCanada was discussiong IOS9 beta3.


Nick/Neil, are admin's aware of this problem?

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  • Cut back on the Sherry old boy :)

  • Good try flyer, any other drink and you might have been right, sherry.. yuk


  • It's not you Rob :) ; HU had an outage, for which they apologise. From Joel at HU "Hi Everyone, I wanted to let you know that HealthUnlocked experienced an outage this afternoon, Friday the 21st, which resulted in a loss of posts and messages.

    Anything written between approximately 4.30pm and 6.30pm may not be appearing. I'm writing to simply say 1. we're sorry for any confusion or inconvenience this may cause and 2. we're aware of it and are trying to restore those posts / messages as soon as possible.

    We've added a banner to the support site so that anyone who accesses it will see the same notice.

    Once again, we're very sorry for any frustration this may cause in the meantime.

    Thanks for your patience."


  • Neil, No big problem really, just puzzled at first then got on with the rest of my day.

    Software eventually works, hardware eventually fails.


  • Interesting - no " banner" on either of the HU sites I belong to.

  • M

    My usual issue with messages which still disappear and I still get the stupid green line when posting. Also the typing on my I pad is delayed when on the site and after being here when on other sites until I have shut the computer off and then back on. Now I only get some notifications, and feel badly when there is a post about something I might be able to help with, but don't see for several days, and then usually by accident. If it weren't for the amazing photos here I would probably give up.

  • Got a notification tha Neil had mentioned my CO Q10 post from another site. When I went to read the thread I was shut out. Went back and nothing. Tried search several times and it was not working. Finally it gave me a list of polls. Tried later and got some posts about CO Q10 but they ranged from a month to three years old. ??? Is the issue of disappearing posts continuing?

  • Hmm, My reply quoting your post on CQ10 (Thanks for that!) still shows in Newsfeed, but clicking on 'Continue reading' on my reply does nothing. Clicking on the parent post:

    takes me to the post, where my quote of your submission does appear. This site has on occasion had trouble fully displaying popular posts with around 50 or more replies. Paula's post now has 70 replies!

    I'll bring this post to HU's attention and in particular your problems. I too have noticed email notifications are arriving hours late these last few days...



  • I get the digest but some posts aren't showing up. I have found things about kidneys or breast cancer, two areas I know about, that are months old before I see them, and felt very badly when I didn't see a post about someone stopping treatment for a long time - someone I would have liked to support better during such a difficult time.

  • For a system-wide fail that most likely impacts all communities HU ought to publish info not leave it to the individual community admins to front it for them.


  • Thanks but in HU's defence, if you go to the Help pages:

    you'll see a pink Alert banner - "HealthUnlocked experienced an outage earlier today, Friday the 21st, which resulted in a temporary loss of data. If you are missing any posts or messages we are aware of this issue and are working to restore them as soon as possible. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause."

    Now it would be nice if they doubled or even tripled our pay - it wouldn't cost them much :) .


  • My bad. Should have thought about looking in help. Nice thjng is that it is only temp loss of data and they are gettibg it back.


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