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Almost all CLL patients say stress makes their symptoms worse. It doesn't seem to just be stress which causes distress. It seems any type of stress and it seems to go hand in hand with pacing oneself. At one time I had a full time job three children and a large house to run and I did it. Now I can only do one thing at a time and if I try to think of something else at the same time I make mistakes. When I get tired I get clumsy. I can't tell you the numbers of things I have dropped on our kitchen floor - its ceramics tiles so very unforgiving. I find myself advoiding people who I know are emotionally draining and much preferring people who don't ask too much of me. Stress though cannot be totally advoided. In my weekly diary I have "walk for health", playing friendly bridge and healing. I know that I rely on these to give me time to be instead of doing. How do other people find stress and how do they cope?

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I'm sure we all know acquaintances that are emotionally draining; now you've made me wonder how many of my acquaintances think that of me?

I too find the fatigue/tiredness that goes with CLL very frustrating. It's not just the lack of energy at times, but the inability to concentrate. It takes me an embarrassingly long time to do thinking tasks that were just second nature once. If I'm not too tired, going for a walk can help with the fatigue (it's also a good stress buster). Otherwise I just give in and have a sleep. I'm glad I'm no longer working, or I'm sure I'd be stressing both myself and my supervisor. Retiring early certainly reduced the stress in my life and I'm sure that has greatly improved my health and helped me manage better with CLL. I really admire those that are still trying to fit in an active employed life while living with a chronic illness - that really must be stressful and I appreciate that some of us have no choice.

Today the weather was a magnificent here, so I went for an extra long walk with my camera. Spring has definitely arrived and I've taken lots of native flower pictures I'll gradually share in my future posts.



I agree stress aggravates the symptons.

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Depends on the type of stress acute or chronic. Acute stress can actually boost the immune system function... since CLL patients have broken immune systems a little acute stress may not be a bad thing...


does continuous stress trigger cancer? as I think Chris mentioned stress lowered the immune system in a post I saw yesterday. Chris when you say Acute stress helps do you mean the acute stress of say for example high speed driving a formula 1 car or being put under pressure to complete a project by a unsympathetic horrible manager? Best to all Dave


Acute stress is fight or flight stress...might apply to a horrible manager, I suppose... ;-) But Job stress, caregiver stress is usually considered chronic.

The links between stress and cancer causation is weak according to this article..


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