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So sick of COVID conspiracy theorists!!


I work in a supermarket, I’m in the w&w phase, never had treatment, so still at work. I have 3 regulars who come in without masks saying COVID isn’t real! I’ve listened to them say everything from it’s a left wing conspiracy to it’s the doctors fault cos they want to keep us away from the hospital’s cos they actually have all the cures for ALL of the diseases 🙄Its bad enough that I have to go to work during a pandemic, but dealing with ppl who do not respect my health is incredibly stressful. If they don’t care about their health, fine! But you do not know the situation of those you encounter when your out and about. One woman stood telling me how it was fake as she repeatedly wiped her snotty nose on the back of her hand, before handing me a £20! Vaccine on Thursday, hopefully that’ll relieve some stress, but doc says I still need to be careful. Great! 🤦‍♀️Anyway, sorry needed a rant 💜

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Shocking. Why is the manager of the supermarket allowing these people through the door???

Hi Tinkataz, I think you should have been shielding as watch and wait is a stage of cll treatment, Terry

This is correct. I’m in the same position and have been shielding effectively for a year now.

It’s hard to realise we have such stupid/gullible people amongst us, and you are fully entitled to a rant! I’m sure you should be shielding (which includes all people with blood cancer at any stage of the disease). I think you should have a word with management, although I know this is difficult. Good luck!Cx

Oh so sorry to hear this,but surely you should be sheiding and not going to work, its disgusting x

I understand what you mean, 2 sister in laws work in a supermarket and one particularly is a denier. Visits her 81 yo mother without wearing a mask despite her, about a year ago (and she says it may have been corona) being hospitalised with poor oxygen saturation and now is on a cocktail of drugs for heart failure. Its only by luck she hasn't killed her mother. Cannot fathom her stupidity but stupid people are everywhere I'm afraid. As regards shielding I have been in work at times (similarly w+w) but its perhaps not possible for you to stay out of work. Anyway, vaccine will help but perhaps from the community protection. I know I got a reaction to my first and looking forward to my second then that's it over as far as I'm concerned. Stay safe. Love your profile text BTW. Not much we can do about our situation just enjoy what we can while we are able.

I'm shielding so have seldom set foot in a supermarket this past year. When I have, I noticed a security guy at the entrance. So I don't understand why naked faces are allowed in. My sympathies to anyone who has to go to work in trepidation because of a few selfish idiots.

Unfortunately anyone can claim to be exempt without having to provide any proof of their reason, just the silly way it's been managed by the authorities, Terry

I agree. Park in a space reserved for disabled drivers without displaying a blue badge and you can be fined. Endanger other people's lives and your right to do so can't be challenged.

Shocking, it must be really difficult to have to work in this sort of environment, its a pity that you havent been moved away from the public but in the mean time you have every right to rant away about the selfish and the foolish. I have friend (after I asked someone why they weren't wearing a mask inside a petrol kiosk) who suggested that I not even talk to anyone not wearing a mask as it is a waste of time, and so thats what I do now. I also had a colleague at meeting who coughed and "fanned" it towards me as a"joke"? back in the summer, so as they say COVIDIOTS needed to be avoided if possible.

I have heard so much rubbish, and a lot of incredibly tactless stuff over the years. Was told by my brother in the USA that his doctor could "cure" me of my CLL, I asked if there was a long queue around the block out side the surgery and he said "no why" ? Just thought their would be a high demand?

I am hoping that the UK government, NHS, the media do an information campaign that there will still be vulnerable people who still need to be afforded social distancing because they may not get much benefit from the vaccine. I am hoping that the public's general attitude to contagion hygiene improves, in the long term, as I am tired of asking people to cough away from me, why have they come out in public when they have shingles and no I don't want to have a greeting kiss from someone with a cold sore on their face.

Hope you can get some support from your managers and stay safe

Hi so sorry to hear of your experience with people like this at work.I have a friend who adheres to all of the conspiracy theories around COVID. She does have a needle phobia and I think this may be at the root of her present thinking. I don’t want to loose her friendship but it is difficult. If she doesn’t have the vaccine I won’t be able to spend time with her, post lockdown, which is sad but necessary.

I do think you should be shielding, perhaps you could check this out.

Take care


HopeME in reply to annmcgowan

The shame of it is the vaccine needle is very fine and you can’t feel it going in. I turned to see when the nurse would be sticking me and she had already taken the needle out!

annmcgowan in reply to HopeME

Yes I know and I have said to her if you get COVID you will get lots of needles. It all falls on deaf ears which is typical of people with needle phobias. I will keep on trying.

Take care



NewdawnAdministrator in reply to Findingaway

The U.K. is following the science in terms of vaccine prioritisation in an attempt to save the lives of the people identified as most vulnerable (including us). I think it’s a wise strategy and in turn will protect the NHS on whom the U.K. population are dependent.

Some workers have insisted they should be vaccinated first but by analysing the risk factors and evidence based data on the highest risk profile, I think they’re being fair and safe.


Slowmo457 in reply to Newdawn

I'm high risk and I would gladly give my shot to any person who has to work with covid patient's daily. Sorry that's just me. PRAYERS TO ALL.

NewdawnAdministrator in reply to Slowmo457

Me too which is why health and social care keyworkers were vaccinated first. There’s quite clear medical evidence of ‘hierarchy of risk’ and I’m glad they are applying it though they’ll always be claims of unfairness. In an ideal world we’d all be vaccinated on the same day but they’re moving at a good pace in the U.K. with an exceptionally high compliance rate.


That’s shocking!

Your manager should be stopping anyone who doesn’t wear a mask and make sure they have some form of proof that there is a medical reason why they aren’t complying with the rules.

I only go shopping if I can’t get a delivery, and then only when the shop first opens at 7am. The shop has people on the door making sure masks are on and monitoring how many are entering.

I think all people working whether on the shop floor or behind the scenes are doing a great job. They aren’t there to be abused by the irresponsible and selfish minority.

Yip, an old schoolpal of mine is into the conspiracy theories ... he likes to rant away on Facebook ...

Meanwhile one of the bridesmaids at our wedding lies as we speak in ICU.

Another old pal has 'long covid' ... he's lost the sight in one eye and reduced sight in the other, the lost of vision comes with hallucinations.

As the old miners here used to say "Ye cannae put brains in a clug"

In this case, a clug was a block of wood used in the mines to make up any shortfall of a pitprop and hit into place.

Slowmo457 in reply to ygtgo

I watch , nurses, police, bus ,drivers, school teachers,doctors ,store clerks die. It goes on and on.?????. Sorry about your friend. R.I.P.

PaulaSVolunteer in reply to ygtgo

So sorry about your bridesmaid and other old pal, ygtgo. I hope they get some improvement soon.



Hi Tinkataz,

I was very sorry to hear about your situation. Completely understand your need for a rant.

Have you talked to your managers? As others have said, you are entitled to understanding and support from your managers, even if you are still in W&W.

I was at a church Zoom meeting yesterday, and people were discussing Covid jabs. Everyone was keen to get them as soon as possible, but our young vicar seemed reluctant to say anything. Someone then asked him he’s been able to get one on account of his job (as community social worker).

To my amazement, he said that although he’d been offered the jab, he’d decided not to – at least not for a while, as he didn’t want to be depriving a more worthy person!

I’m sure he meant well, but I explained that for immuno-compromised people like me, vaccines don’t usually work so well. So even though we’ve had the jab, we depend on others in the population to get vaccinated to protect us – as soon as they can.

He was genuinely surprised – said he hadn’t seen it like that before, and would now try and get the jab sooner rather than later. It made me wonder how many other people haven’t got the message about the risk they can pose to those with poor immune systems.

We shouldnt give up trying to explain our personal predicament to people, as it's just possible that they haven't realised it and will listen...

Having said that, I had no problem speaking my mind to our vicar, but there are other folk I know who are so deluded by conspiracy theories that sadly it’s no good talking to them any more about vaccines.

Hopefully your employers won’t be deluded anti-vaxxers, Tinkataz, and will listen to you. It is their legal duty of care to consider your needs.

Best wishes,


Dear Tinkataz,

You aren’t ranting, you’re venting. We all need to vent sometimes. As the saying goes « The mother of stupid people is always pregnant. » You can’t change that, but venting is healthy, and a stress release. So vent away, I send you empathy and a virtual hug.

I noticed today that my grocery added to their signage at the entry that masks must cover mouth and nose while inside the store. This area is getting worse for masks not covering noses which is like no mask at all.

I hope you are able to keep your exposure to those 3 to a minimum and not engage in conversation if possible.

Sorry you have to deal with the inconsiderate behavior Tinkataz,

I am so very fortunate. I have not met any real Boobs yet. Surprisingly, I have met quite a few people who are challenged in obtaining credible source data though. It is interesting to observe the exaggerations in both directions, however, most of those who I come in contact with are fairly balanced with caution.

At our Dog boarding business we have been able to ensure a low risk environment and accommodate most every perspective. We first control the crowding by insisting on scheduled appointments. We have put out a series of large signs stating the protocol we adopted from the American Veterinary Medical Assn model. We installed sneeze shields in the office at the counter, and we provide both masks and sanitizer. In addition , we built a large covered breezeway area outside the office so clients can distance and not be aggravated by adverse weather. Lastly for those who's concerns are the highest, we offer a curbside service.

In addition, we are as considerate as possible to everyone no matter their point of view, as we hope to relieve some of the stress everyone has to deal with during this unfortunate circumstance.

I am consumed with hope because of the medical communities commitment to perfecting and providing safe effective vaccines as well as promoting preventative behavior. I am really proud of our community for practicing good behavior. I am also proud of those leading the effort to provide sound information and risk advocacy, E.g, CLL Society, Patient Power etc...

Hang in there, Do the right thing, More will notice than not, and then there will be less and less Boobs.


Treat them with the contempt they deserve, they say ignorance is bliss. My 59 year old son, with Diabetes, also went to work every day, keeping a factory and its workers going with bosses who couldn't give a damn, they then furloughed him and then made him redundant, was it worth it I asked, his unselfish reply was that it kept his men in work! Well done you for keeping your customers supplied with food, you deserve a medal xx

Rant away - totally justified!!

If I wrote what I thought about conspiracy theorists (especially those that start them), I suspect I would be kicked off this community as the language would get out of hand! So I will keep quiet, except to say they are a very, very sad reflection of human 'development'.

So glad your jab coming - surprised you have not already been called up as W&W is still Cohort 4 in England

Facebook is full of conspiracy theory posts today which degenerate into people just turning ugly. Sick of it! Vent away! I did some of my own venting today.

I am so sorry! And I totally get your frustration .... I live in the US and in the south no-less and almost 1/2 of the people where we live are like that. I have a neighbor that constantly comes out to talk to me as I walk the dog ... no mask ... telling me why it’s all a hoax, masks are going to make me sick, he’s smarter than any doctor ... and it honestly is about every 3rd person here ... you see people not wearing masks all the time & posting on social media how this is all a joke! Kids are in school (not mine, I’m homeschooling them) kids are in sports & social activities, people eat out every night, people go without masks in stores all the time, I sadly am at least a month or more from getting the shot because I’m under 50 (and most of the us states prioritize by age or if you work in the medical field) so ... I wait but I am lucky that I am a stay at home mom. I hope that your supervisor / manager at work can help enforce wearing masks.

It is so politized here in the USA that it's beyond SAD . Our ex -president was just reported being inoculated early January . The general public are just now being offered the vaccination.

I hope all these science deniers enjoy their walk on our flat earth.

I pretty disgraceful for ingorant people to put others at risk. The store manager should have asked them to leave.

It's insane that people actually believe that 5G chips are being insert into our bodies when injected with the vaccine.

I feel your pain. I'm in the US and in a state whose Governor refuses to issue a mask mandate though my small city did but it's really not enforceable. The Governor also removed all occupancy and distancing restrictions the minute the case count started down. Now it's inching up again.

The local store managers have had to tell their employees not to approach anyone not masking despite store signs because of some violent encounters. Since the Trump insurrection attempt on January 6th, I see even more people mocking the rules by wearing their mask under their nose . Human decency seems to be absent these days.

I still have been unable to get an appointment for a vaccine despite being in a supposedly targeted age group. Also no special help for medically high risk folks here.

Oh well. I have a good supply of KN95 masks and hand sanitizer and only go into a store when I am desperate for decent produce!! I can hold out another year if I have too!!

I understand, people like this are crazy.

Some people really make me sick. They have stupid, dumb ideas in their heads & have no respect for others who are following rules and regulations. When I see someone without a mask, I tell them they should be wearing one. Some have told me to MYOB & I say it is my business.

Maybe it’s financially not feasible for you to shield but could you ask your boss to give you work that does not involve face to face contact with customers . A letter from your GP/consultant might help . It’s stressful enough having CLL coupled with a Pandemic without the added dress of dealing with dirty cash and conspiracy theorists who might infect you . Take care , wear gloves and keep sanitising the gloves (it stops your hands suffering ) double mask and a shield .

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