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Just aftet transplant

Hi everyone my daughter is 7 months old and just got transplanted this sunday, i am majorily concerned because her bilirubin just after surgery dropped from 25 to 5 and now slowly increasing everyday. Currently reached to 13 after the transplant. Does anyone has experienced something similiar or in general how much time it takes to come down. Its really concerning and worrying to me.

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Hi, it's still very early days, try not to worry, speak to her team, Drs nurses etc, I always found they are happy to keep you informed and explain what's what. After my sons transplant I remember his blood results were all over the place for over a week before starting to settle down. I think it's expected.

Take care


Try not to worry, my daughters numbers went down after transplant and then fluctuated for a while. Theyre still not quite right yet two months post op. I was worried everyday after the transplant, and eventually I stopped asking about numbers because the doctors didn't seem worried about them, and I was winding myself up!


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