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High Bilirubin

hello my son was detected with high direct bilirubin at 5weeks, he went some blood work everthing comes back normal, they did an ultrasound doctor said everything looks normal, they did a repeat blood work and result came back level of jaundice going down but the direct bilirubin still high, they referred us to Ped. GI and from there they will schedule a liver biopsy, is there anyone in here had the same experience?

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Yes, very similar experience but at 12 weeks, finally diagnosed with Alagille Syndrome, but at 5 weeks many healthy kids still can have high direct bilirubin, depends how high it is and how bub is feeling. Can be just neonatal mild jaundice, better to check✔️ dont panic, if levels are dropping its already good sign


thank you dina for your reply, I am hoping for good result, we have an appointment to liver ped, because they have to find out why his liver is not happy and direct bilirubin is still high, but all the test is normal


GodwillHeal, how is your son doing? I have a little boy who has the same symptoms like your son. I know its been a year ago. do you have any updates on your son?


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