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Mum would like advice (9 year old daughter)

Hi my daughter did recive an ultrasound sound this week I was told her liver was enlarged and not to worry about it. The GI doctor said it was fatty liver disease, my little one has also suffered chronic bowel impaction since she was a toddler. Im at a loss if you can ask others for direction please. As for diet we stay away from processed foods, soda, candy, chips. I cook with coconut oil, flaxseed and chia. My other daughter eats thet same and is fit as can be. I don't know what I am doing wrong

Thank you jacquie

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Where are you?  Are you in the UK?


Hi CyberkidsMom, I am not sure where the lady is from I put the post up on her behalf. Sorry it does look like the post has come from me - Jacquie CLDF


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