Temper Rages! Biliary Atresia-Kasai only

Hi my son is 13 years old and is Kasai only at 8 weeks.

He has always had a bit of a temper but over the last year he's had temper rages where he lashed out. When he calms down he says he doesn't know why he does it and almost forgets what he's done!

The other day on a Biliary Atresia American facebook group I saw a lady write something similar about her daughter and she mentions that her daughter looked like she was possessed - that's how I feel about my son.

Does anyone have an answer to this? Is it Liver related? Is it Medicine related? Is it my Parenting? HELP!

I would appreciate any feedback - Thank you

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  • Hi I really feel for you and please don't blame yourself. My son who is 10 has liver disease and other conditions. Since he has been on steroid medication and azathioprine his mood has been very up and down and he can go from being angry to tears very quickly. From talking to professionals and other parents, I am sure that the meds can cause the mood swings and also the fact that for any child who has a chronic condition and has to take meds and see lots of doctors, have lots of appointments etc it can be very hard. Sometimes my son gets upset and says " I just want to be a normal child". I think it can harder as they get older as they understand more and can be scared and confused and angry because they may feel different from their friends.

    My son now sees a therapist at CAMHS and that has helped in terms of his anger and the fact that they don't always want to talk to mum and dad. I am not saying it would work for all children but his behaviour has improved and he actually enjoys going now.

    Its really hard as a parent as you have to deal with the heart break of your child having a condition and seeing them angry or upset. I also think that as mum's we get most of the anger directed at us and that can be difficult and upsetting.

    If you I can support you in anyway or you want to talk. I am more than happy to do so.

    Take care.

  • Thank you very much for your reply. It's nice to know people understand. Jamie is currently on a anger management waiting list!!! X

  • High Ammonia levels.

  • We have kings in March and I'm going to ask them to check his ammonia levels. Thank you for your reply x

  • When my 10 year old has anger issues it's usually related to her liver enzymes being off.

  • I did ask his consultant to check them but he never said what they were and they were'nt in the follow up letter so I will have to wait until next week when he has another appt to find out - thank you for your reply tho x

  • No problem. Xxx

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