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Eating disorder


Has anyone experienced lack of appetite after liver transplant? My niece is 6 months post liver transplant and she is still fed through her NG tube.

She had eating problems since she was born, now she is one year and 6 months but we always hoped that after her liver trasnplantion everything will go on a normal path.

If anybody can help us with this we would really appreciate it.

Thank you!

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I'm sure there's nothing to worry about, my daughter had a transplant when she was one, she is now eight years and still has an overnight feed through a pump. She does not eat much during the day, and is very fussy with her food!

Every child is different so they will move at their own pace, I'm sure your niece will start to eat more eventually, as she is still in early days post transplant, hope she recovers soon xxxx


Aly is right, this is still very early days but if your nieces parents are worried they can always talk to the consultant at their next visit. :-)


Thank you so much for you words and support. Probably we are runing out of patience and eager to get to see the day when she will be without the NG tube.



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