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My grandson aged 10 has been back and forth to the doctors for a year, with stomach pains, told it was constipation when it ckearly wasn't, given antibiotic for water infection, finally one doctor took blood and we were shocked yesterday to be told he has NAFLD. Basically my daughter wasn't told much else but he has to wait for a scan and go back for more blood tests. He is missing school, what can we give him for the pain. Feeling very worried about him.

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I would say you need to go back to Drs . To have a plan and to have a discussion about treatment options future plans etc. I know paracetamol is ok but ibuprofen isn't with liver disease.

I would be wanting a full test. At least an ultra sound scan and possibly Mri scan.

I'd have questions like is the liver working well enough ?

Does he have any other complications such as portal hypertension (high blood pressure in his system caused by scarring) etc.

but first and foremost I'd be wanting symptom control.

Take him to out of hours go and tell them he's in pain.

Good luck. Xx


Thank you


hi my son is 11 and has been diagnosed with the same condition today he suffers stomach pain and also misses alot of school and let me say the school give me nothing but grief about his attendance has been reffered to sheffields childrens hospital quite worried i dont know what to dod to help him how serious his condition is and how to deal with school in a fog atm sorry to hear about your grandson


Hello sorry to hear that your Son has been unwell. Please check out our website below for support, information and advice.




Sorry to hear about your son, I expect your feel rather shocked, it is very worrying at first and you feel hopeless but with effort we can improve their health.

My Grandson has not lost any weight but he hasn't put any on and has grown taller and the doctor said that as he gets taller and his weight evens out it is good. His ALT count has gone down though still not within the normal range but quite a bit better, so all though it is a slow process still good. He has taken to riding his bike to school instead of going in the car with mum and they have just bought a puppy so there will be lots of walks once it has had it's injections and can go out. We are encouraging him to cook and he is starting to like experimenting instead of wanting the usual stuff kids of that age do. He has been feeling a lot better and until last week the pain had subsided, my daughter took him tot he Doctors and the doctor said 'well what would you like me to do about it!!' My daughter was astounded and said 'well you are the doctor, find out what is wrong! He has also been feeling giddy, don't know if that is anything to do with his liver. When he went to his appointment at the hospital the specialist said there was no need for him to have time off of school that he should not be in pain and that if it continued he should get pyscriactric (sorry its late and I can't for the life of me remember how to spell this) because of it, but as you know the pain is real. The last thing you need when you are worried about your child is the added worry from school. I hope your sons referral goes ok and you get the advice and support so that you can start him on the road to better health.

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Sorry to hear that things are difficult for you all at present. At Children`s Liver Disease Foundation we have a lot of resources that may be of benefit such as the GP packs that you can give to the surgery to raise awareness for them and to improve services. In addition our education pack is extremely useful for educational establishments to improve their practice and awareness of Liver Disease. You can also get in touch with our families team as well should you need to talk. All of our resources are available on our site, please see below.

Should you need anything please call 0121 212 3839



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