Looking for hope and some answers

Hi all,

My daughter is now 10 weeks and she had yellow eyes at 5 weeks. We took hr to emergency room and they did blood tests which resulted in high bilirubin and enzymes number. Her doctor seemed like he knew what her diagnosed was right away but of course we had to do few other blood tests and finally biopsy. Despite the fact that she is thriving very well. Eating, pooping and gaining well, Two weeks ago We found out that she is diagnosed with PFIC2. We are going back to see her doc on Wednesday the 8th.

I'm just wondering if anybody has that or is going through the same type. What treatment did you consider? How's your child doing? It's very hard to take in knowing that your child will soon need transplant and may not live longer. We just pray and try to stay positive.

I pray everyone is coping up very well. It's really the most difficult situation to deal with .

God bless!


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  • hi Hanna

    I see that you in the USA. you can go to our website and download information on PFIC and I have attached a leaflet on PFIC for you. Also I would suggest talking to your child's consultant about treatments available and a dietitian about food types and supplements.


    Kind regards

  • There is nothing set in stone, there is always hope and if you believe in God and pray he will listen to you, leave everything on his hands and hold on to ride!

  • Amen to that! Yes I agree with you Joey2008! I believe that if God brings you to it He will take you through it!!

  • hi Ms. Hanna, my daughter has also the same condition as yours but her is Billiary atresia and only a liver transplant is the only resort to save her life. :(

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