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Repeated infections post transplant?

My son underwent two liver transplants in September/October last year. He was discharged on Halloween '14 and has had 4 admissions for infections since then, obviously infections are common early post transplant, but the difference from before his transplants is how rapidly and dramatically they escalate. In two cases, within an hour of him vomiting for the first time, he's needing HDU care. His tac was halved the other day and he seems OK now, so is it likely he was over-immunosuppressed? And if so, is he likely to get less severe infections now his tac has dropped?

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For the first 3 to 6 months immunosuppressions are higher and they slowly lower to a base level. This is why for at least 3 months your child is in isolation not in school with other children etc. He will always be more susceptible to infections compared to his peers but we have put small measures in place to ensure our son lives as normal a life as possible. I hope your son feels better soon, sorry i couldn't have been more help.


hows he getting on now?


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