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1 week post kasai, baby crying a lot


I'm new here. 1 week ago my 11 week old son had the kasai done for BA. He was doing perfectly for a few days after surgery so they sent us home to heal and follow up with his liver drs after.

These past 24 hrs hes been crying and sleeping. Not really hungry. He does have a lot of dirty and wet diapers and no fever.

I have NO idea how a baby is supposed to be after a surgery and if this is normal for the long healing road. How was everyone else's baby 1 week post kasai?

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Welcome to ththe group I’m new here as well. I just saw the message now, hope your baby is doing well now since it’s 24 hours after. How long ago was the kasai procedure done ? It may seem like there may be a leak where his wounds may not be completely healed. Was he feeding good before ? please go and check with the doctor ASAP, its better to get it checked than waiting.

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check my replies :) thank you!!

I would go straight to the doctor or call GI or surgery team as well. We are post Kasai three weeks, and we’re out for one week before coming back to check labs and follow up and they admitted my baby for cholengitis. Hang in there this is tough for everyone you just have to be strong. My Iris was 18 days in hospital released one week and now doing a 14 day round of antibiotics. Good luck keep us posted sending love and prayers 😘🙏🙏❤️❤️

so we went to the er and my baby started acting perfectly fine of course. blood test, no infection, bili is making its way down and incision is perfect. hes not crying as much anymore but now we are trying to transition from 100% breast to pumped milk. possibly fortified pumped milk to help him gain weight back

I am giving my Iris fortified breast milk as well so she can gain weight. They added liquigen as well to help gain. It’s all helping fast. Fortified breast milk is 100% better then just pregestimile. Hang in there you’ll be fine it gets some getting used to.

Did you feed the baby yet? Ask the doctors to do a upper GI scan before feeding the baby . Howz the baby doing now? Please dont hesitate to msg me for any questions.

we started to reintroduce breastmilk 3 days post op. we are now nursing freely at home but milk have to transition to pumped fortified breastmilk

My son cried a LOT after his Kasai; I thought I'd go crazy. Sometimes I just held him and walked back and forth through my house over and over......sometimes I cried with him. I think he was extremely uncomfortable with an extra large liver and maybe a lot of gas. He's 24 now and in the process of being put back on the transplant list after being off for almost 3 years. His numbers are ok, but he's SO tired all the time - he just sleeps and sleeps and sleeps. I hope things keep getting better for your little one. God bless you both.

Good luck with your son and I hope he gets a strong healthy liver sending love and prayers

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