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Any advice??

Hi, my son is six months old, and since having his kasai at 9 weeks he has been really good at taking his medicines and vitamins. But over the last few weeks he's great at taking morning urso and vitamins, but when it comes to night time he takes most of the urso, but he'll spit most of the phenobarbital out. Any suggestions on how to get him to swallow more of it? It turns into a screaming match every night at 7 before his bedtime bottle.

Thanks in advance

Alison xx

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Hi Alison,

How do you give the phenobarbital?

For our daughter we crush the tablets in the syringe first hand, then add a small amount of water, and give directly from the syringe. She has never liked it but as such a small amount and by putting the syringe into the side of her mouth lessens the chance of her spitting any out.


My son was the same, I now mix his phenobarbital in his bottle x


I was the same too, either crush it in with his food or cut it in smaller bits and just give it him in a milkshake worked for me


Thanks for your ideas. He gets liquid phenobarbital so could put it in his bottle, may give that a go!! Will also try to push it more into side of his mouth. Thought I might get to a bit older before he started refusing his medicines!!!


It's really difficult my son is the same, he's coming up 6 months! Hating all the meds at the moment. When he cries (although it's horrible and kills me doing it) it's much easier to get him to swallow it. He then sits up and is fine. Hoping it will get a little easier!


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