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Can anyone give any advice about Rifampicin? My son is 6 months and has Alagille syndrome and has been prescribed this for his itching. Any tips on what time of day it is best given and does it need to be a set amount of time beforeor after his other current medications ( vitamins and Urso) I have contacted the liver nurses at Kings, but thought I'd see if anyone on here had any advice!

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Hi there

my son just started that 2 weeks ago , I was told not with food and 2xs / day ... I usually do when he wakes in am at 6 and then at 6 in the eve . Note

- it didn’t seem to kick in right away , it took about 1 week before the itching stopped....

I hope this helps !


Thanks for your reply. I'm really hoping the Rifampicin makes a difference as the itch has got so bad for him 😒

We started it on Thursday, so hopefully in a few days we will see a difference.

My son has only been prescribed it once a day.

I'm pleased to hear the Rifampicin has helped your son 😀


My doc says if after 2 weeks o didn’t see improvement reach out again .... so I’d continue to push doc if your baby is still itching .


My son started nearly 3 months ago twice a day half an hour or an hour before food or 2 hours after food

And don’t worry rifampicin goes along with other medications like URSO and vitamins

Hope it works for you as its done with us

Good luck


Thank you for the advice 😀


Hi Liz

Each child id different and it will also depend on the medication they are on, which may be more or less than your son. Who ever prescribed the medication should having given you full instructions, I would go back to them or go to the pharmacist and ask the questions.

I hope this helps

best wishes - Jacquie CLDF


Thanks Jacquie, the amazing liver nurses at Kings are speaking to their pharmacists to work out a plan 😀

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That's good to hear, I'm there next week, look out for me when your next at clinic :-)


Oh no we were there last week and yesterday! Not planning on making a third trip next week! It would be lovely to meet you though. We are due back in around 2 months so might bump into you then. 😀


Let me know the date closer to the day and I can let you know if myself or Carol will be there. Have you ever had a CLDF information pack from us, if not give me or Sharan a call on 0121 212 6023 and we can arrange to send one out for you.

Take care - Jacquie


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